2. Panorama Trail

Panoráma Trail – a trail marathon that connects three magnificent castles in the fabulous woodlands of Zemplén, Hungary. Many of you probably have not been here yet, but our family roots are in this region We spend a lot of time here, frequently visiting the three most important stations of the Panorama Trail – the Boldogkő Castle, Regéci Castle, and the Castle of Füzér. A couple of years ago, when the reconstruction of the castles began, we began dreaming about this competition and then developed the Panorama Trail concept, which is now being implemented. for the first time. The reconstruction work on the castles has preserved and enhanced their beauty. They are now an impressive venue for our first trail event. The forests of Zemplén are especially spectacuar in their autumn colors. We invite you to participate in this special running event  either as individual runners or to compete as a team of three. Starting from the Boldogkő Castle, we will head for the Castle of Regéc and  finish at the Castle of Füzér.

Start: The Castle of Boldogkő

Finish: Füzér Castle

Distance: 45 km, 1500 m + difference in altitude



October 19

15:00-21:00 Registration, race numbers at race center in Füzér

EXPO, programs, dining options, music at the race center

October 20

6:20 Transportation by bus from the race center at Füzér to start line at Boldogkő Castle (this otion for individual starters only! Teams have to organise their tranportation to start line and  changing points on their own.).

6: 30-8.30 Check-in, race number pick-up at Boldogkő Castle
8:50  Transfer of personal belongings back to Füzér (only for individual runners)
8:30 Team start
9:00 Individual start
12:00-12:30  the first runners expected to reach the Füzér Castle
15:00 at the Füzér race center: EXPO, programs, dining options, music
19:00 Awards Ceremony
 Concert till dawn

Panoráma Trail Füzér versenyközpont


First three women and men finishers in individual race, first three female and male/mixed relay teams

INDIVIDUAL finishers will receive a T-shirt at the finish line.

ALL competitors will receive medals at the finish line.

Multifunctional headbands will be given to  ALL competitors before  the race.


Forest road, 1500m + level difference, about 15% asphalt.

Planned route:

Panoráma Trail útvonal

Aid stations: 10 km, 16 km, 29 km, 39 km and at the finish line.
Time limit: 8 hours

Panoráma Trail profil

What you need to know:
Due to terrain, the distance between the refreshment points is longer than usual. We advise every participant to carry at least one 0.5l bottle that can be filled up at the refreshment points.
Running shoes suitable for cross-country runs are also required.  Mobile phones are recommended, although there is no guaranteed mobile connection for most of the track!

Individual competitors:

We have  transfer busses available from the race center to the start line (Boldogkő Castle) on race day morning
Number of seats is limited, so please request your seat when registering for the race. Cost of transportation is 5 €


 1st changing point:  16 km in Regéc
2nd changing point  at 29 km in Telkibánya
The transfer of team members and their belongings is the responsibility of the teams.

Map, route description, all practical suggestions will be sent to each team leader at the end of registration period (about one month before the race


  • For INDIVIDUAL starters the entry fee includes:participation in the competitiontiming

    start number

    multifunctional headband

    free download of photos

    unique fnisher medal

    finisher T-shirt

    Transportation of belongings from the startline to the finishline

    refreshment on the course and at the finish

    warm meal after the race (from 3 pm at the raca center)

    medical care during the race

    27% VAT


  • For TEAM starters the entry fee includes: 

    participation in the competitiontimingstart number

    multifunctional headband

    free download of photos

    unique fnisher medal

    refreshment on the course and at the finish

    warm meal after the race (from 3 pm at the race center)

    medical care during the race

    27% VAT

Entry fees:

Indiviual competitors (limited to 300 person)

2018.06.20 -2018.07.31. 45 €

2018.08.01 -2018.09.28   55€


TEAM competitors (limited to 100 teams)

2018.06.20 -2018.07.31. 90 € per team

20.08.01 -2018.09.28   100 € per team

Registration: online entry only, starts 2018.06.20 ends 2018.09.28

On-site entry is not possible

After completing the entry form, the entry fee must be transferred to Proathlon Bt’s bank account number. Upon receipt of payment, we will send you an invoice by email. On the day of the race, a photo ID is required to pick up the race number.

70 % of the entry fee will be refunded if the competitor withdraws 30 days before the race. After that we are not able to accept withdrawls and will not be able to refund any money. It is not possible to refund any money due to a registered competitor not having participated in the race, regradless of the circumstances that resulted in missing the race.
Proathlon Bt

Raiffeisen Bank IBAN: HU32 1201 0374 0014 6880 0020 0003 (Euro)



Entry transfer

The deadline for transferring entry to another competitor is October 10th, 3pm. Your registration details (registration ID) and the details of the new competitor must be sent by email to info@panoramafutas.hu.

In addition a transfer fee of 10€ has to be paid through wire transfer to the above bank account.

(Ordered T-shirt sizes can NOT be changed)

Vis maior:

To ensure the safety of the participants, the whole or a part of the track can be changed or deleted. If there is no competition due to  vis major or if happening only on a modified course, we will not be able to refund the entry fee.

Responsibility Statement:

The contestant acknowledges that he or she will take part at his or her own risk. The competitor declares that his state of health complies and meets the conditions of the competition and has been confirmed by a medical examiner prior to the competition.  The competitor agrees that the organizers of the tournament are not liable for damage or damages caused by any competitor or happening to any any competitor during the  race or competition. Replacement and transfer of the race number is forbidden.